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Robert “Bob” Wheeler is a retired Military and Civilian Helicopter and Airplane Pilot. He is a Certified  Helicopter Instructor Pilot and an Instrument Flight Examiner.  Bob has had combat tours in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Afghanistan and has done extensive research helping to locate Missing Helicopter Crews in Vietnam.  His passionate research of the Amelia Earhart mystery dates back to 1967.  Bob has combined his research ability, thirty-eight years of aviation experience and many contacts in the aviation community to co-author his first novel.  Bob lives in Florida and West Virginia near his two daughters.


Harold “Fred” Nicely is a retired Military and Civilian Helicopter and Airplane Pilot as well as a Helicopter Instructor Pilot. He had an 18 month combat tour in Vietnam in 1967-69. His passion for aviation began while listening to stories his father, a waist gunner on a B17 during World War II, told him as a child.  He has studied the early aviation greats – Rickenbacker, Lindbergh, Earhart and Post – since those early days.  Fred has enjoyed a thirty-six year aviation career where he developed his extensive research ability and knowledge of celestial navigation. This has greatly qualified him to produce his first novel. Fred lives in Ohio with his wife Betty. His daughter, Jeana (and her two sons) and his son Fred (and his three sons)are very proud of all his accomplishments. Fred Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps as a Military Helicopter Pilot.

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Bob Wheeler went to the 2012 New Orleans Vietnam Helicopter Pilots’ Reunion