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Earhart’s Personal Camera & Luggage Labels

19 Jan
 by Filo Vance Amelia’s cameras 'talked' to me... The initial Kodak 620 Duo camera came to me under rather strange circumstances. Let’s just say that what I have since learned makes me believe it to be the one which was supposedly in the Earhart/Putnam antique Washington Irving desk 'mostly destroyed in the fire at their Rye, NY estate which occurred on or near Thanksgiving day, 1934'. With this in mind and history available from Purdue University I discovered Amelia lost many of her Read more [...]

Filo Vance on Earhart’s Camera & Disappearance

09 Jan
10/23/13  Personally I doubt it was AE & Noonan on Niku, nor that sonar scan is of an aluminum-skinned wing 1,000 feet below (I've seen aluminum cans disappears in less than 10-years on a tropical bottom and modern cola cans have far more protection while being much thinner – 80-some years more than make up for that!).   While I have read your book, I am still more convinced that the Navy’s search was a cover. I think crashing on Mille Atol in the Marshalls a more probable fate, with Read more [...]


04 Sep
It appears Ric Gillespie of TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery) is becoming a master at sleight of hand. I admire his ability to pull reasons to go back to Nikumaroro Island out of his….hat. The search for the “any idiot artifact” goes on and on and on. Jeff Glickman, a forensic photo analyst with a very impressive resume, has surfaced several times in the past few months with astounding “findings” that have aided TIGHAR’s cause greatly. The first was back Read more [...]

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