Stamps and Covers

  • 1962 US 8 cent Air Mail Stamp. Women's pilot ass'n (99's) lobbied US Postal Service to honor Earhart with this stamp. She was the 1st president of 99's.
  • 1987 Marshall Island stamp Japanese officer gesturing toward Earhart and injured Fred Noonan as their plane is hoisted aboard the Japanese ship, Koshu
  • 1998 Republic of Niger stamp Earhart, the aviation heroine
  • 1967 Republic of Mali, (African country that borders Algeria)
  • 1967 Paramaribo, Suriname Earhart stamps (South American country that borders Brazil)
  • 1997 Suriname World Flight stamp
  • Covers (envelopes) frequently autographed by Earhart- used as fundraisers to finance her expensive expeditions.
  • 1987 Marshall Islands stamp 50th Anniversary 1937-1987 Earhart's last leg of her final flight

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